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Academic medical professions and health care professions

You will receive special services from us as a general doctor, veterinarian, dentist, psychotherapist, pharmacist or as practitioner of any other therapeutic occupation. We support you from your upcoming business up to the cost-effective management and the optimal design of your HR management. In addition, we assist you in investment decisions and keep your personal financial situation at a glance.

Freelancers, small and medium-sized companies

In addition to healing professions we accompany classic liberal businesses but also professions in creative, technical and journalistic field. Despite of the company size and legal form we generate legally compliant accounting and payroll accounting, the net income method or the annual financial statements and all required tax returns for you. Unquestionably we accompany audits by tax authorities and social insurance institutions. We also like to take your reminders. We understandably process your complexities of tax law and create a basis for economic decisions with the result of focusing on your main business.

Private persons

Starting from your apprenticeship, career entry, working life to retirement, we support you in all tax matters. We are at your side whether you are an employee or self-employed. We take care of the concerned tax matter for your rent business.


Mainly the start-up phase is important for the success of your future company. We assist you with the conception of business plans, sustain your liquidity planning and the determination of capital requirements. We advise you during your choice of legal form from a tax perspective and take care of your company’s commercial and tax registrations. For upcoming financing discussions we like to accompany you to your bank.

Real estate investors

Even before making a purchase decision we help you with the choice of legal form and identify the possible return of taxes. For foreign investors we perceive any domestic tax obligations and advise you in English.